The Salvage

ryan mahendra, the salvage, digital painting

Once a girl walked along the mountain rock, where a snake hide. The snake was a kind of a little anaconda, but he has a power that was not owned by other snakes. He could suck the energy of people who had special powers, and that energies could increase his strength.

The snake knew that his hiding place was come a special guest, a girl who had incredible power was walking and investigating his hiding place. He felt that the energy of the girl who dared to get into his hiding places, could improve his strength and make him indestructible.

Suddenly the girl stopped in her step. She felt a vibration where she set her foot. Very quickly a snake appeared from the underground right where the girl stood up and he wrapped around the girl's body by the power he has. With all her strength, the girl had released her body from the snake's coil. She immediately took out the rope from her right waist and tied the snake, but the snake easily untied it up. And the top of his tail a little ripped part of the stomach of the girl who deliberately want to catch him.

Although she had injuries severe enough, such a brave girl to fight back. She took a rope which it has a knife edge from her left waist, and threw it until tied the neck of the snake. She spent all of her strengths by running it through the rope that bind the snake's neck. And finally all the evil energies of the snake was disappeared.
A few moments later the snake turned into a plain snake and was very tame. A brave girl who once had compassion for animals, brought him as her pet.

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